Moringa Nutrient Strips – 300g

Moringa Nutrient Strips – 300g


Most commercial pet foods are full of junk and filler meat that doesn’t really offer your animals any nutritional benefit. Moringa is super nutritious and contains 46 antioxidants and 90 nutrients that include protein, calcium, trace minerals, iron and all the amino acids. So it is an extremely valuable addition to your pets or animals diet.

All our Moringa Products come from the 100% organic, Australian owned Moringa Farm that grows and creates all there Moringa Products here in Australia.

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Moringa Nutrient Strips for Animals – 300g

Just add 3-5 full tablespoons of our Moringa Strips mixed into 5 kilo animal feed for healthy growth without the use of any hormones. This will increase meat AND milk production. (Does the same for cows)

Please read our important information regarding our Moringa products classification as a “Novel Food”

Due to the process involved in shipping live plants and plant derived materials, we charge a flat rate shipping fee of $12.99 for all our items. This covers the postage, insurance and strict packaging requirements ensuring our Moringa products arrive to you in perfect condition anywhere in Australia.