Remedial Oil For Pets – 90ml

Remedial Oil For Pets – 90ml


SYSTEMIC TREATMENTS – 1 part oil to 2 parts peanut butter or even Vegemite (or whatever your animal would lick up). With this mixture, use, 1 to 2 teaspoons daily, for example, the weight of a mid-sized dog/animal.


TOPICAL TREATMENTS – Apply oil twice daily on growths, swellings or afflicted areas.


Works better when the situation allows for using both the internal and external methods consecutively.


All our Moringa Products come from the 100% organic, Australian owned Moringa Farm that grows and creates all there Moringa Products here in Australia.


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Our Moringa Oil for pets is a remedial saturation therapy for various ailments and diseases caused by malnourishment and other infections, ailments, injuries, necrosis, sunburn, allergies, inflammations, ulcers and arthritis.

Moringa Remedial oil is suitable to hasten and promote most healing and repairs in animals, birds, and the like. If symptoms persist, seek professional advice.

Please read our important information regarding our Moringa products classification as a “Novel Food”

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